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The best way to fully protect and secure your WordPress website is to hire a website security and performance expert that can proactively protect it from threats and speed up your website for a great user experience.

We're The #1 WordPress Security Agency In Nigeria. We Speed Up, Migrate, Secure & Protect Your Website From Hackers.

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How Secure Is Your Website?

Are you running just website to inform your users, eCommerce business, or you are running blog? There are all sort of attack running and you have to protect your website from it. As we know today that website is primary essential part of today’s business.  

We are a team of professionals who are dedicated to secure your WordPress website and prevent your website from hackers. We also have a dedicated team that can install SSL Certificate on Server and HTTP Security Headers.


Forget about plugins and extensions. The only way to fully protect your site is to hire a team of dedicated professionals. We use best-in-class systems and processes to proactively protect WordPress websites from today’s threats.

We are constantly researching, testing and documenting best-practices related to WordPress security and performance. We maintain up to a dozen technical standards within each of the following core areas of operation.

SSL Security Expert In Nigeria

Domain Security (SSL)

Your domain might only cost $10 a year…but, it is the foundation of your digital presence.

Advance DNS Security Expert In Nigeria

Advanced DNS

No more sloppy user interfaces and 24 hour resolution times. We have a better solution.

Web Hosting Integrity Expert In Nigeria

Webhost Integrity

Avoid falling victim to low-end hosting plans and negligent server infrastructure.

WordPress Firewall Expert In Nigeria

WordPress Firewall

Prevent the bad guys from accessing your WordPress website.

WordPress Website Speed Expert In Nigeria

WordPress Speed

Make your WordPress website load quickly within your entire area of operation.

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WordPress Files & Folders

Protect the files and folders on your server from unwanted access and changes.

database security expert in nigeria

WordPress Database Security

Keeping your database secure and functional is integral to both security and performance.

wordpress bug remover near me

WordPress Updates & Bugs

Same-day updates and on-demand debugging keep your WordPress site performing its best.

wordpress migration expert in nigeria

Backup, Recovery & Migration

We store backups offsite and keep them for up to 90 days with a one-click restore process.


Users & Admin Security

Don’t let negligent users become potential security vulnerabilities for your site.

content and spam protection expert

Content & Spam Protection

Prevent those annoying spammers from exploiting your website for personal gain.

search engine monitoring agency

Search Engine Monitoring

If Google sees something of concern, we will get notified and take action to address it.

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Privacy & Personal Info

We can help keep the information your website transmits safe from 3rd parties.


Cyberthreat Protection

Regular antivirus and malware scans are just the start of a regimen to prevent cyber threats.


Exceptional Customer Service

We aren’t selling a plugin. So, we genuinely care about the quality of our service.

We have been implementing WordPress security and performance standards for over 5+ Years.

We are passionate about security and performance. But, we also firmly believe that no single plugin or extension can offer complete security and performance coverage. We know this because we have done the research. We have tested countless applications from firewalls to malware scanners to broken link checkers to password auditors to backup software and much much more. We use only the best applications in our business. And within each application, we use only those features that we consider to be best-in-class. That is the foundation of our offering.

However, the icing on the cake is our people. We hire and train technicians who understand that security and performance happen in real-time. It is not a reactive venture where a call centre simply responds to issues reported by customers. Proper security and performance require a team of people that are monitoring traffic levels, managing server resources, reviewing activity logs, testing backups and constantly researching and implementing best practices. We are proactive, not reactive.

Our promise to all of our clients is that we will continuously research new technology, new standards and new tools. We will document what we learn, change our own systems and processes and implement these improvements in our client’s websites. Our mandate to continuously learn means that our clients will always be receiving industry-leading security and performance for their WordPress website. And because we are not tied to a single plugin, web host or application, we have the freedom to switch in order to maintain that promise to our clients.

Lastly, we maintain a high level of transparency by providing a report at the end of each month that summarizes the work we have done and the security and performance of a given website. We hold ourselves accountable. Feel free to call us if you would like to learn more about what we do and how we go above and beyond the other options you may be considering. The modest amount of money we charge for our services is nothing compared to the satisfaction we get from helping our clients remain vigilant against today’s cyber threats.

Platforms & Certifications

Unless you’re a digital marketer yourself, it’s unlikely you’ll want to deal with the technical processes involved in boosting your online presence. Our clients come to us because they want to focus instead on what really matters: making their own customers happy. Our passionate digital marketing team essentially helps you bring more people through the door – giving you a chance to prove to them why they’ve made the right choice.

Deep Partnering

We strongly believe in building deep working relationships with our clients. The better we understand your business, the best we can service it to generate more revenue.

Excellent Results

We love achieving exceptional results for our clients. We are relentless in the pursuit of excellence! There’s nothing better than hearing how well your business is performing online.

Our Team

We have gone to extraordinary lengths to create a team of exceptionally talented people to service our fantastic clients. Each person  possess the requisite skills in their area of expertise.

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